The Journey Begins

Hello! My name is Sarah and I’m a nutrition student and yoga teacher in Toronto, Canada.

I believe eating should be enjoyable, bountiful, and worry-free, but that hasn’t always been easy for me. I move through the world as a woman in an image-driven society, and at times, both my mental and physical health have suffered as a result. My relationship between my body, mind, and food is best described as a complicated love triangle. Studying nutrition and practising yoga have been instrumental in my journey to self love and acceptance, and I anticipate that this journey will last a lifetime.

One thing I know for sure, is that there are better ways to have a relationship with food.

Mindfulness, intuition, and enjoyment can be at the forefront of all of our experiences, including everything from preparing and consuming food, practising yoga, brushing your teeth, and hugging your loved ones. I care about my body, enjoying the eating and drinking experience, and the environment. Trying to simultaneously satisfy nutrition, flavour, and sustainability while promoting mental and physical vitality is a massive challenge, but I believe it is possible. Together, we’ll figure it out!

“Perfection is not a human trait. Let go of it. Don’t even aspire to it. Show up with your confidence, and show up with self love.”
― Courtney Ferrell

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