Dietitians Discovered Episode 2: Acacia Puddester, MHSc, RD

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all staying well and healthy during this wild time. If you’re looking for some interesting listening material for your next socially distanced walk, deep-clean of the pantry, or simply looking to explore the wide range of dietetics careers available to you, look no further. Episode 2 of Dietitians Discovered is now live!

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Join me as I sit down with Acacia Puddester, MHSc, RD, a nutrition researcher and communications expert based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She graduated from her MHSc in Nutrition Communication just under 2 years ago, and has already worked in community dietetics, taught two undergraduate courses (food science and communications), and now has a research position as GOED Omega-3. Acacia credits her early job success to her talent for networking, and thinks it is one of the most important ways nutrition students can set themselves up for the future.

Acacia and I met in 2017, when I was in my first year of the Nutrition undergraduate program and she was in the first year of her Masters program. She was taking a 10-week instructional yoga class for beginners that I was teaching, and at the time, I was so inspired by her love for nutrition communication! It has been so fun to watch her move through these exciting years in her dietetic journey, and I find it truly inspiring to see her career growth.

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