Dietitians Discovered Episode 4: Andy De Santis, MPH, RD

Can you believe we’re already on episode 4?! In this episode, I sit down (via Zoom) with Andy De Santis, an 4x published author and private practice dietitian based in Toronto, Ontario. We discuss Andy’s passion for nutrition writing and perseverance with his blog, which he credits with launching his career as an author. Andy now mentors aspiring nutrition writers through his Kaleigraphy program (Kale + calligraphy).

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Application Reflections Part 4 with Madison Brown, BSc, BASc, MSc, MHSc(c) Dietitians Discovered

Do you want to be a dietitian? Are you a current nutrition student thinking about applying to a practicum or Master’s program next year? This series is for YOU! The final year of undergraduate will push you to your limits, but you don’t have to go into it unprepared. Part 4 features Madison Brown, BSc, BASc, MSc, MHSc(c). Madison is currently beginning the final leg of her dietetic journey with the MHSc program at Ryerson University. Madison had to make a very tough and last-minute decision with her program choices that went against everything she thought she wanted! Listen along to hear what happened and why she ended up choosing the Master’s route. You can follow Madison on Instagram @madisonjuliaa. 
  1. Application Reflections Part 4 with Madison Brown, BSc, BASc, MSc, MHSc(c)
  2. Application Reflections Part 3 with Rebecca Harris, BA, BASc, MHSc(c)
  3. Application Reflections Part 2 with Bhavin Mistry, BASc, MAN(c)
  4. Application Reflections Part 1 with Ani Merzaian, BASc, MHSc(c)
  5. Abby Langer, RD, Trauma & ICU Dietitian turned Media RD & Author of “Good Food, Bad Diet”

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