Episode 6: Lara Katz, RD

“I guess I learned just because you love to do something in your spare time doesn’t necessarily mean it will make a good career.” – Lara Katz, RD

Lara Katz, a Toronto-based dietitian, sits down with Sarah this week to discuss her unusual journey to a career in dietetics. The path Lara took was non-traditional to say the least, from falling in love with dietetics to leaving the field all together, and she walks us through every step she took along the way to rekindling her passion for dietetics and finding her place working at LMC Diabetes and Endocrinology.

Lara was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, and while she always loved food and nutrition, she was unaware of the career opportunities in that field. During her undergrad in Art History at McGill, Lara took a science class for artists that was heavily focused on nutrition and she decided to pursue a career in dietetics. Lara enrolled at Ryerson to complete an undergrad in nutrition and food science, but when it came time to complete her internship, she found her applications were unsuccessful.

Disheartened but determined, Lara spent the following year gaining as much experience as she could and successfully applied to an internship at Mount Sinai Hospital. However, the internship experience was a negative experience and nothing like she had hoped, and she ended up leaving the program all together.

Despite falling out of love with dietetics, Lara was still passionate about food and started teaching cooking classes before landing a contract with Kraft Kitchens as a recipe developer. Lara loved this work but when her contract was finished, she longed for a more secure career and found she was missing the science of dietetics. She decided to pursue an independent internship, during which she completed a placement at LMC who offered her a job soon after and it is where she continues to work today. Lara is incredibly passionate about the ever changing science and technology surrounding diabetes treatment, and hopes to continue to learn in this field throughout her career. 

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