Episode 7: Shauna Lindzon, RD

“If you’re new to this and just came out of school or your entering an internship, or you’re taking a year or two off and doing other things, I really believe it’s super important to get as much experience in any way, shape, and form you can.” – Shauna Lindzon, RD

Culinary dietitian Shauna Lindzon sits down with Sarah this week to discuss her nearly thirty years of dietetics experience across multiple fields. Shauna has worked in clinical, media and community settings throughout her career, and now, inspired by her lifelong passion for food, teaches cooking demonstrations with a focus on nutrition out of her kitchen.

Shauna was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and was raised in an active household with an appreciation for good food and world cuisine. Shauna initially planned to study psychiatry, but upon learning about the nutrition program at University of Manitoba, she quickly transferred into that program. Upon finishing her undergraduate degree, Shauna moved to Toronto to complete an internship at Sunnybrook Hospital, where she would end up working for twelve years in nephrology and the ICU.

After leaving Sunnybrook, Shauna opened her own practice, working as a consulting dietitian at a doctors office. Shauna remained here for eleven years, before deciding she wanted to merge into a more culinary path. Shauna started doing her own demonstrations in her kitchen, hosting and walking groups through the preparation of a three course meal, tying in nutrition and science with her love of food. Shauna believes the diversity of her career has given her the skills necessary to follow her passion of culinary nutrition, and she believes that the diverse experiences of dietitians is one of the biggest strengths of the industry.

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University of Manitoba’s Food and Human Nutrition Department


Shauna’s Cooking Demonstrations 

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Sunnybrook Hospital

Well Spring

Akira MD


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