Episode 8: Noura Sheikhalzoor, MSc, RD

“Never stop learning. You’ll always find that there are things that you want to learn about, so keep learning.” – Noura Sheikhalzoor, MSc, RD

Noura Sheikhalzoor, an internationally trained dietitian based in the GTA, joins Sarah on the podcast this week. Noura has her own private practice where she specializes in women’s health, specifically women living with polycystic ovary syndrome, and she talks to Sarah about what inspired her to choose this niche and the education-first approach she takes with her patients. 

Noura was born in Dubai, and while she was always interested in the sciences as a child, she was looking for a way to make them more applicable — that’s when she discovered nutrition. She completed her undergraduate degree and internship in the United Arab Emirates, before her family moved to Mississauga. Noura took a year to familiarize herself with her new home before enrolling in Ryerson’s Internationally Educated Pre-Registration Program. After completing the bridging program, Noura’s family moved again, and she completed her Masters of Nutrition at the University of Saskatchewan. 

After graduation, Noura moved back to Toronto and started working as a dietitian at an endocrinology clinic. Noura became fascinated by how hormones work together and had a desire to shift her work toward helping women, so when it came time to open her own private practice she found her niche working with women with PCOS. Noura takes an education first approach with her patients, overcoming any confusion and misinformation they are struggling with. As her career continues to blossom, Noura hopes to expand her practice to cover other facets of women’s health while always nurturing her desire to keep learning. 

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Endocrine conditions

Ryerson’s Internationally Educated Pre-Registration Program

University of Saskatchewan Masters of Nutrition

Certified Diabetes Educator




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