Episode 9: Julia Hayden, MHSc, RD

Julia Hayden on Dietitians Discovered

“We can use technology to understand more about our symptoms and our appetite and present all this to a dietitian and say ‘I do know a lot about myself, what you can now tell me?” – Julia Hayden, MHSc, RD

Julia Hayden, an RD working in the technology sector, joins Sarah on the podcast this week. As the in-house dietitian for the app company Food Maestro, Julia works to create a better food experience for customers by assisting them in answering the question, “Can I eat this?”. Julia believes the future of dietetics is digital, and she shares her predictions for how this future will unfold. 

Julia was born and raised in Waterloo, Ontario, which is a city with a unique cultural mix of technology and farmland. Julia remembers her interest in food and nutrition being sparked when she asked her parents about the nutrition information on a box of cereal and they didn’t have all of the answers. She enrolled in the Food and Nutrition program at Ryerson right out of high school, and she would go on to complete her MHSc at Ryerson as well. After completing her Masters, Julia worked at Nestle for several years before her career would take her in a completely new direction. 

Julia was trying to decide between staying in her current job or taking a more clinical route when the posting for Food Maestro caught her eye. Surprised they were hiring a dietitian she applied, and has been with the company ever since. Food Maestro began as a small start up with three people, and has since grown into a service that provides nutrition algorithms to large companies including Walmart Canada. Julia believes that the digital side of dietetics will continue to grow, enhancing the experience for clients and dietitians alike. 

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Food and Nutrition program at Ryerson

Master of Health Sciences and Communication at Ryerson

Diabetes Education (Ontario)

Gestational Diabetes

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Food Maestro

Food Maestro App (UK)

Shoppers Drug Mart


Walmart Canada

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