Episode 12: Krista Kolodziejyzk

“The earlier you can start thinking that way and thinking creatively and learning how to market yourself, learning how to communicate to an audience you really want to help, I think the better.” – Krista Kolodziejyzk, MPH, RD

RD, entrepreneur, and business coach Krista Kolodziejzyk joins Sarah on the podcast this week. Krista is the founder of The Dietitian Project, an online business coaching tool that aims to inspire and empower dietitians and nutrition experts, and she shares some advice for tackling imposter syndrome, creating consistent content, and putting your ideas out there. 

Krista was raised by a family of entrepreneurs in Calgary, Alberta, and grew up dreaming of being a writer. She moved to Ontario for journalism school, but soon found an interest in food and nutrition and enrolled in the nutrition program at Western University. Krista would go on to complete her Masters in Public Health at University of Toronto before getting a job at Nestle.

After working for three years, Krista felt she was ready to transition into a more entrepreneurial role. She got her feet wet by doing some freelance writing and recipe development and then the pandemic hit. Krista had been thinking of moving into business coaching, and with so many nutrition and dietetic students stuck in limbo she decided to offer a webinar on entrepreneurship and social media. The interest was immediate, and soon The Dietitian Project was born. Krista works with dietitians and nutrition experts to build a cohesive brand, create content, and overcome insecurities and imposter syndrome. 

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The Foods and Nutrition Program at Western University

The Masters of Public Health at U of T

Imposter Syndrome

Content Marketing

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