Episode 13: Tamara Saslove, RD

“As nutrition students we’re all perfectionists and mostly A-Type y’know, we want to get everything perfect, we’re scared of rejection, we’re scared of failure, but some of the most valuable experience I’ve had have come from failure.” – Tamara Saslove, RD

Tamara Saslove, a culinary dietitian and co-founder of the RD Collective, sits down with Sarah this week to discuss the non-traditional route she has taken on her journey to becoming an RD. Tamara works as a private chef, a food stylist, and a recipe developer, and she created the RD Collective in an effort to pass down this knowledge, as well as her business acumen to up-and-coming RDs.  

Tamara has always been interested in food and nutrition, but like many she was unaware of the dietetics field and considered following in her mother’s footsteps and becoming a nurse. Her mother suggested pursuing dietetics, as it would appeal to more of her interests while still working in the healthcare field. Tamara completed her undergraduate degree at Ryerson, and in her fourth year, a professor suggested she connect with the Ontario Home Economics Association. Tamara connected with dietitians in recipe development which inspired her to pursue culinary school at George Brown.

Upon completing the program at George Brown, Tamara was ready to complete her dietetics education and began looking into internships. Due to the connections she had made at George Brown, she found she had many organizations offering her placements so she decided to build her own program by completing an independent internship. One of these placements was at Livewell Management, where she would go onto work for several years and where she would meet her RD Collective co-founder, Elis Halenko. In March 2020, the pair launched their website offering online classes and workshops for new RDs in a variety of topics ranging from food styling to recipe development, soon expanding to include business management.

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