Episode 14: Marie-Pier Pitre D’Iorio

“It’s not normal to be obsessed about food and our body. It’s common, but it’s not normal nor healthy.” – Marie-Pier Pitre D’Irio, RD

Content Note: This episode of Dietitians Discovered contains conversation about eating disorders and disordered eating. 

Private practice RD Marie-Pier Pitre-D’lorio sits down with Sarah on the podcast this week to discuss her journey to becoming an RD. Shortly after completing her first undergraduate degree in psychology, Marie-Pier’s relationship with food became extremely fraught and she developed an eating disorder. During treatment, she noticed a huge disconnect between the psychology and nutrition sides of her recovery and returned to school to study dietetics with the intention of bridging this gap. Marie-Pier now owns her own practice and works with folks recovering from eating disorders, struggling with disordered eating, or who are looking to improve their relationship with food. 

Marie-Pier grew up in Ottawa with a tight-knit family that loved food. A lover of science, Marie-Pier originally began her post-secondary education in biochemistry, but was unsure of what career options would be available to her upon graduating. Psychology also piqued her interest, and she transferred and completed her degree in psych. Upon graduating, Marie-Pier ended an abusive relationship and moved away from her family to go to law school. She started to have an unhealthy relationship with food and eventually developed an eating disorder. 

Marie-Pier moved back home during her recovery period, and while she was seeing both psychologists and nutritionists, she noticed a disconnect between the two facets of her treatment. She decided to go back to school for nutrition in an attempt to fill this gap, and while she had not completed her recovery by this point, learning to reconceptualize food and how it fuels her body was helpful. After becoming an RD, Marie-Pier worked in a long-term care home as she started to build her private practice, The Balanced Dietitian, where she now works full-time.

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Certified Eating Disorder Dietitians

National Eating Disorder Information Center

Undergraduate in Psychology at Ottawa U

Undergraduate in Food & Nutrition at Ottawa U

Sports Nutrition

Weight Neutrality 

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