Episode 15: Sarah Muncaster, BSc, BASc

“It makes me so… not angry but disappointed and a little bit sad that I had so many opportunities to get help from the professionals, health care professionals, the people who should be helping and I just… didn’t. In fact I often got praised.” – Sarah Muncaster, BSc, BASc

On a very special episode of Dietitians Discovered, Sarah serves as host and guest as she tells us her journey to dietetics. Sarah’s path to finding her calling in dietetics has been a winding one, and it wasn’t one she was sure she would answer due to her own experience with eating disorders and disordered eating. However, in her quest for recovery, Sarah found that health care professionals were either dismissive of her concerns regarding her food habits or never considered that she might be struggling with an eating disorder. While she may not be an RD quite yet, Sarah hopes that when she is practicing, she’s able to offer the support to her clients that she was sorely missing. She also hopes that by telling her story, any listener out there who is struggling or has struggled with an eating disorder feels a little less alone and knows that recovery is possible.

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Undergraduate in Biology from University of Ottawa

Undergraduate in Food and Nutrition from Ryerson

Masters of Health Sciences in Nutrition Communication from Ryerson


Becoming a Doula

The Flooding in Kerala

Useful Links:

National Eating Disorder Information Center

Live-In Labs

The Dietitians Discovered Application Reflection Mini-Series

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Sarah’s Website

Sarah’s LinkedIn

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