Episode 16: Abby Langer, RD

“Diet culture is bad. I think we can all agree that the diet industry and the wellness industry as well are toxic and harmful and they fuck up peoples relationships with food and their bodies.” – Abby Langer, RD

Abby Langer, a registered dietitian and author of the upcoming book Good Food Bad Diet sits down with Sarah this week to discuss her journey from clinical dietitian to private practice RD to media consultant. Abby has been an RD for over 20 years, starting as an ICU dietitian, before transitioning toward one on one counselling and then ultimately deciding to work for herself. Abby is now a prominent voice in nutrition media, blogging for websites like The Huffington Post, appearing on video segments with Loblaws, and gearing up to release her first book this winter. 

As the daughter of two health care professionals, Abby has always been fascinated by the human body. After completing an undergraduate degree in English, Abby realized she wanted to join her parents in the medical world and studied to become a dietitian at Loyola Chicago. SHe began her dietetics career working in the ICU, and thrived working as a clinical dietitian to incredibly sick patients. However, as her family began to grow, Abby realized the intense hours the hospital demanded of her could not be maintained and she began to transition into private practice and home care. 

Eventually, Abby felt it was time to be her own boss and flex her creative muscles. She slowly started shifting away from outpatient care and began freelance writing and building her own business, Abby Langer Nutrition. Soon, she was working for herself full time and is now awaiting the publication of her first book, Good Food, Bad Diet. Abby discusses her entire career at length during this candid conversation, including salary expectations for RDs, contract advice for freelancers, and the polarity in dietetic philosophies.

Learn More About:

Undergraduate in English from Dalhousie

Loyola Chicago Dietetics Program

ICU Dietetics

Home Care Dietetics

Exclusivity Clauses

Perpetuity Clauses

Writing a Nonfiction Book Proposal

Querying Book Agents

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