Application Reflections: Rebecca Harris

“Even if you’re in first or second year it’s never really too early to start thinking about why you’re in the program or what lead you to nutrition or even what you want to do after the program.” – Rebecca Harris, BA, BASc, MHSc(c)

Rebecca Harris, current MHSc student and founder of The Nutrition Junkie, is on the podcast this week to discuss everything she learned while applying to master’s programs. Rebecca decided to only apply to two programs, and she talks about what led her to make this decision, the pros and cons of applying to fewer programs, and how she dealt with the stress of application season. 

Rebecca began her nutrition undergraduate degree at Ryerson as a mature student after completing a degree in psychology and criminology from Western University. When she began studying at Ryerson, she did so with the goal of getting her master’s from University of Guelph in Applied Nutrition. However as she went through her nutrition degree and began to learn about the career options in dietetics, she started to consider the Ryerson MHSc in Nutrition and Communication as well. After taking some time to really consider what she wanted to do, Rebecca opted to only apply to these two Master’s programs, realizing she would rather take time off and reapply than go to a program that wasn’t her top choice. 

Only applying to two programs granted Rebecca lots of time to focus on her applications, however it also added a lot of stress. She was admittedly hard on herself during this time, and learned some excellent coping techniques to not only deal with stress, but also change her mindset on potentially taking a year off. Rebecca would go onto accept the offer Ryerson and is currently in the first few weeks of her Masters. While she hasn’t narrowed down her niche quite yet, Rebecca hopes to keep developing recipes and content for her website The Nutrition Junky.

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Undergraduate in Nutrition at Ryerson

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Cognitive Behavioural Techniques

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