Sarah Muncaster, BSc, BASc, MHSc(c) is a Toronto-based nutritionist and future dietitian with a background in research, behavioural biology, and mindfulness. Sarah is a yoga instructor, community nutrition educator, and the creator and host of the Dietitians Discovered podcast. She is currently completing the MHSc in Nutrition Communication at Ryerson University, and is passionate about sharing evidence-based nutrition information through writing, podcasting, and social media.

Sarah began Mindful Feast as a nutrition platform to share evidence-based nutrition writing and food-related thought pieces. The name Mindful Feast incorporates the “mindful” aspect that is essential in creating sustainable food systems and fostering a greater appreciation for our food. The “feast” aspect refers to the abundance and joy that comes with an intuitive eating mentality. Thus, Mindful Feast was born.

In May 2020, Sarah launched the Dietitians Discovered podcast with the goal of promoting the dietetic profession, encouraging creative careers, and, most importantly, inspiring Registered Dietitians and RD2be’s to find a career that they love! Each week, Sarah sits down with a successful RD to chat about their journey from undergrad and internship to where they are today.

Sarah’s nutrition philosophy entails finding an individualized health approach for each client. Sarah uses her personal experiences and professional training to inform her empathetic, inclusive, weight-neutral approach to helping individuals forge a strong, healthy relationship with food.

Sarah teaches virtual corporate and community nutrition workshops that include nutrition principles, health guidance, and gentle movement. Contact Sarah for more information on hosting a virtual workshop.

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